Beyond the body field


Drupal makes creating websites and applications pretty easy, but there are some difficult areas. Many print designers are used to starting with a blank page and placing the content where they want on the page. You can have great results, when the finished product is printed, you control the process form design to print and have the results you want. This is a difficult thing to do in an organized structured maner on a website. Things like making a design responsive and display properly on all the different devices is very difficult. Many times you end up with, what the designers consider ugly or a BLOB of HTML that has to be coded by someone that knows HTML. The snowfall article for the New York times is an example. This is a very appealing website that is just custom HTML. This introduced many techniques, but it was HTML, it does not translate well to mobile devices and has to be totally reproduced for each article.

Lacking was a way for a designer to specifically design a portion of a webpage with out being an HTML expert. Especially when you add the thought of changing the way it is displayed on different devices. In this session we will look at some of the tools that are emerging that allow this flexibility.

Room 101
Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 14:00 to 14:45