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Puppet Labs' IT automation software enables sysadmins at companies of any size to deliver the operational agility and efficiency of cloud computing at enterprise-class service levels, scaling from a handful of on-premise servers to tens of thousands in the cloud. The shift to cloud-based services has dramatically altered the IT landscape as we know it. Enterprise infrastructure borders have expanded beyond the firewall and now include hosted applications and infrastructure from Amazon Web Services and other providers. Puppet helps DevOps teams meet their common objectives, creating a seamless IT infrastructure across departments, reducing cost and increasing productivity. Puppet’s scalable, model-driven approach allows you to configure systems by defining their desired state in the form of reusable modules that you can quickly deploy across thousands of servers. This minimizes the waste of repetitive tasks and error-prone scripts, giving you the ability to configure hundreds of machines in minutes and leaving you with more time to focus on bigger issues. The right box gets the right configuration, automatically, every time. With more than a million nodes under management, Puppet is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, including eBay, Zynga, Twitter, JPM Chase, Bank of America, Disney, Viacom, and Apple.