Contact Us

We're always looking for help!  If you would like to volunteer for one of these SCALE committees, please email the committee chair.

Conference Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 110

Sponsorship Committee Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 110

Speakers Committee Chairperson: Shyam Kapadia

Operations Committee Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 130

Vice-Chairperson: Hriday Balachandran

Community Relations Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 130

Members: Gerald Fontejon, Philip Ballew, John Kim, Phillip Banks, Jenn Greenaway

Technical Director, Tech & A/V: Stuart Sheldon

Technical Committee Chairperson: Mike Maki

Members: Lee Cole, David Lang, David Newman, Joshua Hoblitt, Ken Sandberg, Mason Maki, Suzanne Mathison, Andrew Murphy, Lindsey Connick Sheldon, Jeff Deifik, Ronda Alvarado

Audio/Visual Committee - Co-Chairpersons: Tom King, Michael Proctor-Smith

Members: Donald Burr, Chad Page

Education Team Chairpersons: Orv Beach, Jason Riker

Publicity Committee Co-Chairpersons: Larry Cafiero, Hannah Anderson

Press Releases/Media Liaison: Larry Cafiero

Web Content, Social Media:  Hannah Anderson, Larry Cafiero

Photography: Dennis Rex, Michelle Klein-Haas

PC Club Liaison: Dennis Rex

Man on the street interviews: Jason Riker

Others: Samantha Le, Scott Ruecker, Jorge G. Mare

Web Subcommittee: Ron Golan

Members: Lei Zhang

Graphics Committee - Chairperson: Josh Andler

Social Committee - Chairperson:  Lori Barfield

In addition, we have email mailing lists for the Southern California Linux Expo.

They can be found here.