Easy Big Data workloads in the Cloud with Juju


This talk is for:

  • People who have to manage multiple services in the cloud (public or private). This can be AWS, HP Cloud, OpenStack, Microsoft Windows Azure, your VPS provider, or your own pile of machines. Any Ubuntu machine with an open SSH port can work. 
  • You're probably a system administrator or developer, or you're a data guy who is on your own without either of these two to help you.

This talk will cover the following things: What we'll show you:

  • Real life running services in a cloud, no mockups or demos, what you see here is how the tool works in real life.
  • Take you through some devops workflows so you can test locally (and cheaply) and iterate before spending money in production.
  • Juju isn't configuration management, it's service orchestration - so we'll have some examples on hand of real-life bundles and combinations of these services that you can modify and reuse for your own needs. 

You can also follow along! The audience can participate by installing Juju if they like, depending on network conditions.

La Jolla
Saturday, February 21, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:30