Advanced Query Routing and Proxying with MaxScale


MaxScale is an interesting new proxy for MySQL and MariaDB that provides advanced features for handling multiple MySQL or MariaDB servers. MaxScale allows you to transparently handle clusters of MySQL servers behind the proxy. MaxScale is different from most other proxies as it is content aware and contains a query parser, has a modular plugin architecture, is aware of the state of the underlying servers and much more. 
In this session we will look at the architecture of MaxScale to find out what makes MaxScale so good. We will look at the basic building blocks of MaxScale and how they work together in a very efficient way. We will also discover the basic modules delivered with MaxScale, such as the read-write splitting module, the round-robin module etc. We will also look at different use cases for MaxScale and how to optimize the use of MaxScale, in particular in various replication setups such as Master-Slave replication scenarios and Galera clusters.  

Plaza BC
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 11:15 to 12:15