UpSCALE - Announcing Speaker Lineup

UpSCALE is a set of lightening talks held at SCALE, in the style of Ignite presentations. Speakers will get 5 minutes to enlighten the audience. Slides will auto-advance every 15 seconds - this format makes for a fast paced, fun event for participants and audience. 
Please join us on Friday evening at 6:30pm as our speakers do their best to beat the clock and get their ideas out!  


  1. Can't stop, won't stop: My unconventional path to tech
    Carlos Meza

  2. A brief introduction to web scraping
    Rylie Johnson

  3. Protecting mobile apps, the DevOps way
    Karen Hsu

  4. Open source streaming with JellyFin
    Timothy Kidd

  5. What G{Code} House taught me about managing community
    Rizel Scarlett

  6. 25 years of the Open Source Initiative: A generation for change
    Stefano Maffulli

  7. The goings on at Network Time Foundation
    Harlan Stenn

  8. Standards - why are there so many of them?
    Silona Bonewald

  9. Uses for formal methods and verification in industry
    Sage McTaggart

  10. Revolutionizing critical infrastructure connectivity: The power of open source cloud native wireless networking
    Chijioke Ejimuda

  11. Where is observability headed: Platforms or pipelines?
    Pankaj Thakkar