SCALE 13X PGP Keysigning Party

Last year I took a year off from running the SCALE PGP Keysigning Party with a promise I'd be back this year - and I am! I will once again be organizing this year's party - the information can be found on the event page.

I also promised some improvements to the KSP process, and I'm here to deliver those as well! I've been hacking on the SCALE registration system, and there's some new things this year.

Now have up to 4 keys

People have been asking about support for more keys for several years, but the reg system inherently understood 2. I did some work to abstract the code so we could add more keys easily through simple configuration. Our config now allows up to 4. Note that only your first 2 keys will appear on your badge.

UI improvements

The UI for adding keys was overhauled - UI elements for adding additional keys is there when you want it, but not in the way for anyone who doesn't. Further, for anyone who selected the PGP Keysigning Party by accident, there's a button to make the questions go away, so we will (hopefully) get less junk data into the system that has to be sorted through.

Hopefully these changes make the process more seemless and inviting for PGP users with a single key or multiple keys, and a non-issue for non-PGP users.

I'm also working on changes to PIUS that I hope will be ready by SCALE to make signing even easier.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at