Guest Post: Caryl Bigenho - Coders' Corner

New At SCaLE This Year!
The Coders' Corner is a brand new event coming to SCaLE 12X. Inspired by the recent Google Hour of Code, the Coders' Corner is a place to bring your friends and family of all ages, abilities, and interests to find out how much coding can be. You are invited to bring your own laptop, tablet, or you can use one of the machines we will have in the room. It will be a place where coders are welcome to come to share ideas and skills with each other and, especially with people new to coding.

For beginners, we will have a set of OLPC XO computers that come loaded with several introductory programming languages. For example, visitors will have the opportunity to create a variety of  animated cartoons in Scratch or try some fun little  Python programs to make interesting things happen on the screen or discover several mathematical principles. We will also have a couple of PCs for participants to try some of the JavaScript and HTML5 projects developed for the Hour of Code and available on Codecademy.

We need help to make the Coders' Corner a success. In addition to bringing folks in to try their hand at coding in a very non-threatening atmosphere, we need folks to come by for an hour or two and act as volunteer mentors for the less experienced coders… including absolute beginners. You can find a volunteer sign up list where you can add your name, contact info, and coding languages you would like to help with, at this link:

Just follow the example at the top of the Saturday schedule. We will need people both days. See you there!