Guest Blog Post: SCALE Exhibit Hall Tours

By Guest Blogger: Phillip Banks

We get it. Sometimes there's just too much to see and do at a convention. The exhibitors have a lot to tell you about their products, services or what they are doing in the community. How on Earth do you squeeze all this into a day?

SCALE Tours is your answer. What we do is lead a group of people out onto the showroom floor and make the whole experience a fun, exciting trip through the SCALE world. We stop at select exhibitors and let them briefly walk you through what they're doing and why you should be interested.  Just a couple minutes around the floor and you'll be ready to jump right back in for yourself and revisit places you've been or some of the exhibitors you past along the way.

If you're bringing family or friends that are new to open source or aren't very technically savvy feel free to take them on the tour. Our goal is to make it as fun filled and exciting as a tram ride through an amusement park that everyone can enjoy while getting you in and out. Make sure to get a bag at registration because exhibitors love passing out all kinds of gifts to people on the tour.

Hope to see you soon on a tour around the expo floor!