Guest Blog Post - Jaisen Mathai - Trovebox

Southern California Linux Expo Partners With Trovebox

At Trovebox we work hard to provide the simplest way for organizations to work with photos and videos. We’re big fans of SCALE. You might have seen us on the exhibitor floor in years past when we were OpenPhoto.

I reached out to Gareth and Ilan who help organize Scale to get their thoughts on running a photo contest. They thought it was a great idea so I got to work on setting everything up.

Here’s how you can win a Nexus 7 tablet from Google (32GB white).

The photo contest will run from the start of the expo until Saturday at 10pm. Photos with the best chance of winning will capture the essence of Scale12x. It can be funny, serious or poetic. It can’t be NSFW though. Submit as many photos as you’d like; there are no limits.

You have a few options to submit photos.

Upload via web / mobile app

You can also upload photos through the web - it works great right from your phone too. Just go to and enter your name when prompted. You can upload right from the browser using your laptop or phone but we also have Android and iPhone apps which you’ll see links to.

Send an MMS to 343434

You can send a picture message to 343-434 with the message starting off with #scale12x followed by your name. Once we receive your photo you'll get a confirmation. Make sure your message starts with #scale12x and you include your name.

You can look and see what others have submitted at any time by visiting

We'll select 5 finalists and let the audience vote on the winner after Sunday’s keynote and award them the prize.

Trovebox is an online photo and video management service for businesses that is used by small businesses, non-profits and enterprises. We offer secure photo sharing, group photo collaboration features, multi-user accounts andwhitelabeling. Learn more about Trovebox and see ourpricing plans