SCALE 20x venue
SCALE 20x logo
Pasadena, CA
March 9-12, 2023


Scaling up for SCALE 10X

The fall and winter may turn our attention to the holidays — pick whichever one you choose to celebrate in your own way — but the folks at the Southern California Linux Expo are busy putting together what could turn out to be a landmark FOSS event for North America.

The Southern California Linux Expo — SCALE 10X — celebrates its 10th year when it opens on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend (Jan. 20-22). As this is a month ahead of the usual February date for SCALE, things seem to be coming together for the event.

Design a logo for SCALE 10X, win a trip to LA!

Want a free trip to SCALE 10X in Los Angeles this January?

In marking 10 years of the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) and 20 years of Linux, the SCALE team wants to incorporate an open-source approach to this year’s expo logo designs for publications and for swag. 

With this in mind, the SCALE team announces a contest to select the artwork for use on this year's t-shirts, attendee bags, and other conference materials.

SCALE 10X Ramps Up!

The SCALE team has started ramping up towards SCALE 2012 next January. SCALE 10X (January 20-22) will be the tenth anniversary of the Linux Expo, and we hope to make it a special one! SCALE started 10 years ago with a single day event at USC with two tracks and 400 attendees. Considering that SCALE 10X will be a three day event, with as many as a half-dozen tracks and possibly as many as 2,500 attendees, it's clear that Open Source software is alive and thriving in Southern California! Even though the CFP has only been open for 10 days, we've already had a strong response.