Got five minutes? Have something important to say?

UpSCALE talks at SCALE 10X will be held again this year on Friday, Jan. 20 at 8 p.m. UpSCALE talks are held in the style of the Ignite presentations made popular by various O'Reilly-sponsored events. Participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 automatically-advanced slides, making this a fast paced, fun event for participants and audience. To submit an UpSCALE talk, email

PGP Keysigning Party, SCALE 10X

As many of you know, at nearly every SCALE I've organized a PGP keysigning party (if you're not familiar with PGP, see my PGP Guide). They've grown every year and we are now the biggest part of the "BoF" section of SCALE. Two years ago we broke our record with over 50 attendees and this year we hope to further strengthen the web of trust by breaking 100!

SCALE Hotel Rates

Hilton Hotel advertisement

Have you booked your travel for SCALE yet?  The Hilton LAX is offering SCALE attendees a discounted room rate of $109/night as part of this year's show. That is one of the best rates in the LAX corridor!

Even if you are local, consider spending the night! Its a great way to avoid traffic and there are always plenty of evening activities at SCALE once the main conference program ends.  

SCALE: The Next Generation - Invitation for Participation

The Southern California Linux Expo is proud to announce a conference for the next generation of free and open source community enthusiasts. “SCALE: The Next Generation” — lets the FOSS community leaders of tomorrow spotlight their talents and ideas today. Open to kids 10 and older, the goal of conference is to be as “kid driven” as possible, offering a unique opportunity to see and experience the inner workings of planning a conference. Kids will be able to determine the content and help steer the direction that this mini-conference will take.

SCALE Design Contest Results

The results are in for the SCALE 10X Design Contest.The winner is Brian Beck of San Angelo, Texas, for his design, "We the People of Open Source.”  A larger version of the image is available here.

Runners-up in the contest are Jennifer Rosenberg and Sirko Kemter in third. We will be posting a gallery of the entries in the next few days to show case the impressive designs submitted by the FLOSS community.

Scaling up for SCALE 10X

The fall and winter may turn our attention to the holidays — pick whichever one you choose to celebrate in your own way — but the folks at the Southern California Linux Expo are busy putting together what could turn out to be a landmark FOSS event for North America.

The Southern California Linux Expo — SCALE 10X — celebrates its 10th year when it opens on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend (Jan. 20-22). As this is a month ahead of the usual February date for SCALE, things seem to be coming together for the event.