AEleen Frisch
Getting Started with System Monitoring
Exponential Consulting

Æleen Frisch has been a system administrator for over 25 years and has been configuring and managing Linux systems since 1994, beginning with the Yggdrasil distribution. She currently looks after a very heterogeneous network of Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS X systems. She is also a writer, lecturer, teacher, marketing consultant and occasional database programmer. She has written eight books, including the best-selling Essential System Administration; its second edition was the first general book to discuss administering Linux systems. Æleen is a third generation native Californian living in exile in Connecticut. She can be reached by email at; her always-under-construction home page is


One of a system administrator’s most important tasks is monitoring systems for reliability, availability and performance. There are many open source tools which can help with these tasks, In this talk, we will look at Nagios, a tool for monitoring system and service status, and Munin, a tool which provides many performance metrics. These tools can be installed and deployed very rapidly, and you’ll learn what you need to know to get started with them. Topics covered:

* About monitoring: what you’re looking for

* Getting started with Nagios: 15 minutes from install to monitoring

* Getting started with Munin: rich functionality “out of the box”

* Where to go from here