Zak Greant -
Speaking Topic: The Age of Literate Machines: A Visionary Look at Free Software

Zak Greant's love of Free Software and Open Source is turning him into a penguin. The only visible changes (so far) are a gradual accumulation of blubber, a loss of hair (which he hopes is the prelude to feather growth) and a growing preference for raw fish. When not practicing how to waddle or wear a tuxedo, he passes the time by running the Foo Associates strategic consultancy and by working with various Free Software and Open Source projects and companies.


This presentation will provide a visionary look at Free Software, one that explains what Free Software means to our global culture, how it relates to our past and why it is a critical part of our future. Along the way, we'll visit ancient god-kings and accountants, long-dead muftis and heretics, French inventors and monopolist printing guilds.

The major topics covered will be:

  • What Free Software is
  • Why Free Software matters
  • A brief history of human communication, computer and civil liberties
  • Why Free Software is an essential human freedom