Ted Haeger -
Speaking Topic: Bungee Labs: Inside a Linux-powered, On-demand Startup

Returning to SCaLE to present for a 3rd time, Ted Haeger is known for his advocacy of Free Software and starting the popular podcast Novell Open Audio. Ted parted ways with Novell shortly after SCaLE5, and is now running the developer community for Bungee Connect, a powerful platform for developing, deploying and hosting richly-interactive web applications. Rumors abound as to whether SCaLE6 will be the venue for the much anticipated death match with his arch-nemesis (and Ubuntu community manager), Jono Bacon.


Most web startups build their business using a variety of Free Software technologies, but what is the view from inside such companies? Ted will explain the technology of Bungee Connect and its software-as-a-service business model. After surveying the open source projects are used by Bungee Labs, Ted will discuss the GPL's "SaaS loophole," what it means to Web service providers relative to the ethics of Free Software, and other considerations for startups using open source projects to build their business.