Solomon Chang -
Speaking Topic: Distributed MySQL Clustering with the NDB Storage Engine

Solomon is a MySQL certified DBA and the current acting director of LAMPSIG. He works as a professional Database Administrator for Vantage Media in El Segundo, and is a co-author of the MySQL Cluster Certification Study Guide. When he's not pulling all-nighters in the office, he plays piano, poker, and Warhammer 40K, although not always all at the same time.


NDB is an enterprise-grade, scalable, and highly available clustering storage engine - a share-nothing cluster that has no single point of failure - which is capable of running on inexpensive commodity hardware. NDB allows the construction of cheap, scalable, and exceptionally reliable database clusters, without expensive, specialized or additional hardware or software. A MySQL Cluster distributes processing over multiple servers, resulting in a single redundant and scalable solution. A cluster consists of a set of computers running MySQL servers to receive and respond to queries, storage nodes to store the data held in the cluster and to process the queries, and one or more management nodes to act as a central point to manage the entire cluster. There are many reasons for clustering a database and several different methods of clustering. Solomon will discuss the creation, methodology, and usage of a MySQL Cluster, and demonstrate a cluster in practice with a series of virtual machines.