Nathan Yergler - Creative Commons
Chief Technology Officer
Speaking Topic: Building the Commons: Integrating CC in Your Application

Nathan Yergler joined Creative Commons as a software engineer in June, 2004. Previously he held a faculty position at Canterbury School, where he pioneered the use of Python in their Computer Science courses, developing both introductory and advanced elective curricula. Nathan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University.


Nathan will provide an overview of Creative Commons metadata strategy along with an overview of how application and web developers can take advantage of these technologies to "CC enable" their application. There are two approaches which will be covered: enabling users to select a license for content they create (ie, for a photo management application or music application) and taking advantage of Creative Commons metadata to "discover" licensed content available for reuse.

Topics covered include:

  • RDFa,
  • XMP,
  • the CC partner API,
  • the CC web services,
  • liblicense
  • the ccHost "sampling pool" API.