Ken VanDine - GNOME Foundation
Speaking Topic: GNOME: Ten Years of Freedom

Ken VanDine, now an Engineering Lead at rPath, was the founder (in 2005) and is the project leader of the Foresight Linux Project. His work with the Foresight Linux Project and Conary software management system led Ken to work for rPath, based in Raleigh, N.C. Ken has been involved with Open Source technology as an avid Linux user and Systems Administrator since 1993. As a member of the GNOME Marketing team, Ken has written articles for the GNOME Journal ( and is now the maintainer of the GNOME LiveCD available at and the GNOME Developer Kit available at


This talk describes what GNOME is, the history, what we have to look forward to, and why we love it. Ken willdemonstrate the new features and walk the audience through some of the many cool GNOME applications, including f-spot, tomboy, banshee, beagle, etc. He will also talk about how people can get involved in the project. There are many other great ways to help than write code.
  • In the Beginning - some history of the GNOME project
  • Simply Beautiful - Philosophy of GNOME
  • Who uses GNOME? - Distributions that ship GNOME
  • Not Just for Desktops! - Other initiatives utilizing GNOME
  • The Desktop - A tour of common GNOME applications, pointing out new features
  • The Future - Where are we going
  • Getting Involved - How to get involved with the coolest project out there, even if you aren't a coder