Ken Gilmer - Bug Labs
Head of Software Development
Speaking Topic: Operating Systems for Embedded Platforms

At the tender age of 11, shortly after probing the inner workings of the 555 timer, Ken discovered (with the help of an abandoned TI 99/4A) that building systems is so much easier in software than in hardware, and he's been hooked ever since (but not to his TI 99/4A). From 6510 assembly to phoneME, his interests span the stack and the cloud. He firmly believes machines can have souls and he am working hard at Bug Labs to make it happen (again). In addition to BUG, he also contributes to several open source projects including Eclipse and Concierge, and also enjoys riding a bicycle immersed amongst chaotic NYC drivers.


Ken will focus on how to build non-traditional, yet highly customizable embedded systems using Linux, open source Java, OSGi, and Eclipse. Traditional embedded system applications are built on statically configured proprietary hardware and software platforms. Ken will present a full software stack of an embedded systems platform using only open source (GPL, BSD, EPL) software, and without using proprietary or commercial tools, drivers, or applications. We will also exhibit examples of these applications running on BUG, a commercially available and open-source consumer electronics device platform.