Josh Berkus - Sun Microsystems
PostgreSQL strategic lead
Speaking Topic: PostgreSQL 8.3: Latest Features of the Most Advanced Database, Topic: Open Source Database

Josh Berkus is member of the PostgreSQL Core Team and works as the PostgreSQL strategic lead at Sun Microsystems. He is a database performance expert, and has spoken about PostgreSQL and open source topics at conferences around the world.


PostgreSQL 8.3 was released just 3 months ago and is just now starting to be used in production. Josh will discuss some of the cool new features in the latest version of the most advanced open source database, with demonstrations of most of the technology. Features covered will include:
  • SQL/XML for the XML geeks
  • New horizontal scalability options from Skype, pgBouncer and PL/Proxy
  • Performance improvements: HOT, Synchronized Scan
  • Revamped advanced full text search
  • Logging to database for query load analysis