Fred Trotter -
Speaking Topic: DOHCS: Open Source Medical Software Roundup

Fred Trotter is the leading consultant in Free/Libre and Open Source Health Software. Trotter has contributed code to FreeMed, OpenEMR is the current project manager of MirrorMed and the original author of FreeB, the worlds first GPL medical billing engine. In 2004 Fred Trotter received the LinuxMedNews achievement award for work on FreeB. Fred Trotter manages the Open Source EHR review project with the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Open Source Working Group (oswg). Fred is also a member of WorldVistA.

Fred Trotter consults with those who are interested in installing or evaluating an Open Source EHR solutions. Trotters clients rely on him for current information on the latest releases of Open Source EHR software, from VistA Office Edition (VOE) to the original FreeMED. Each project and codebase has strengths/flaws as applied to a given environment, and as a result Trotter is project-neutral. While every GPL codebase has an advantage, Trotter has consistently advocated the GPL to address the issues of vendor lock-in. Trotter advocates for GPL and against proprietary licenses in health software.

Trotter has a B.S in Computer Science, a B.A in psychology and a B.A in philosophy from Trinity University. Trotter minored in Business Administration, Cognitive Science, and Management Information Systems. Before working directly on health softeware, Trotter passed the CISSP certification and consulted for VeriSign on HIPAA security for major hospitals and health institutions.


"Whats going on in FOSS Healthcare?" That I would like to give at SCALE healthcare day. This talk includes a summary of the Free and Open Source options for different healthcare related environments. Covered topics will include I. VistA, MUMPS and VOE II. The PHP projects FreeMED, OpenEMR, ClearHealth and MirrorMed III. International efforts IV. Medical Imagine projects V. Bio-statistics, Genomics and Protenomics (FOSS for modeling celluar processes) VI. Interoperability projects, Mirth, IBM OHF and the MPI projects. VII. Lexical projects OpenEHR, medications databases etc etc.. VII. Other Resources: LinuxMedNews, AMIA OSWG EHR review, openhealth list, etc VIII. Whats missing?? Important pieces that are not well-addressed.

This is intended to be a summary of the projects and efforts that are moving and exciting. I may use the outline above for the talk, but I may also put it in a more "How-To format" such as "How to run a hospital on FOSS", "How to run a clinic on FOSS", "How to run a RHIO on FOSS". This is intended to be a kind of "state of the union" address that broadly covers where we are as a community, what we are doing well/poorly, where we are going, and hopefully, where exactly medical professionals can go to get software that is relevant to them.

I would hope to reduce sections that might otherwise be heavily covered at the conference (for instance less of ClearHealth if David will be giving a talk about that) in order to shed some light on projects and software that is important, useful and mature, but not specifically represented at SCALE.