Esther "Moose" Filderman - OpenAFS
Speaking Topic: OpenAFS: How Becoming Open Source Changed AFS, and Everything You Need To Know To Start Using It Today

Moose ( has been working with AFS since before it was called AFS, when it was a research project, and has worked with it through it's growth as an IBM developed & marketed product, and now as an Open Source project. She has run AFS at small and large sites, and does OpenAFS consulting and training among other system administration things. In her spare time, Moose gives talks and evangelizes about OpenAFS to whomever she can. If there is any time left over, it is spent napping.


AFS has gone from University research project to licensed product to Open Source (under the IBM Open Source license). A free, secure, distributed file system designed for sharing files in a client/server configuration, it can run on a wide variety of platforms, including BSDs and various Linux distributions and is used by sites of any size, from someone's home to financial giants. Moose will spend some time talking about how becoming Open Source seven years ago has affected the development and growth of OpenAFS, including influencing the priorities of features and the handling of bug fixes. While debunking some of the myths left over from its for-pay days, we'll also cover some of the unique concepts and terms that either aren't found in other filesystems or are used differently elsewhere As OpenAFS isn't always the perfect filesystem for every site, we will talk about the things OpenAFS can, and can't, do. Hopefully! (-: ) A live demo will show how simple it is to install an OpenAFS client - which requires no server installation - to get a feel for what the OpenAFS world looks like. At the end of the talk, an attendee should have an understanding of the basic concepts and usage of OpenAFS so that they can try it out for themselves.