Christopher Blizzard - Mozilla Project
Speaking Topic: Firefox on Linux

Christopher has been closely involved in Linux Desktop and Mozilla since the late 90s during which time he wrote a lot of the code that supports Mozilla on Linux. In more recent days he's been the team lead for the front end and operating system software on the One Laptop per Child project and is a former Board member at the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. He currently works at the Mozilla Corporation as an Evangelist.


Chris will talk about the work that has gone on with Firefox on Linux leading up to the release of Firefox 3. Some of the high level areas include better rendering of text for internationalized text, improved rendering capabilities including full page zoom, performance and memory footprint, a new community-driven Linux theme, network status integration, and native form controls. He will also include some of the challenges we've seen on Linux and what we'll see down the road for the new Mozilla 2 platform and the next version of Firefox that will be based on it. He will also discuss the emerging Mobile strategy for Mozilla, an area seeing a lot of work and focus for Linux that will have benefits for people using Linux on the Desktop or people building embedded devices or mobile phones.