Chris St. Pierre -
Speaking Topic: LOPSA: Open-Source Email Systems: One Approach to Spam Fighting

Chris St. Pierre is the system administrator at Nebraska Wesleyan University, a small but growing liberal arts university. In his three years there, he has lead a charge to document and modernize the computing infrastructure. He has considerable experience and interest in issues of scalability, business continuity, and automation, and enjoys fighting spam in his spare time.


This tutorial will take participants through one very successful approach to spam filtering, while admitting that there is no One True Solution.

It will cover in-depth setup details for RBLs, greylisting, adaptive firewalls, HELO restrictions, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, and end-user tools like whitelists and blacklists; plugins and tweaks to make these tools more effective; potential pitfalls to this (and other) approaches to filtering; and a host of other smaller items, like soliciting feedback from your clients, gathering statistics, and collating log information. It attempts to be MTA-agnostic.