Celeste Lyn Paul - KDE HCI Working Group, User­Centered Design, Inc.
Speaking Topic: A Quick and Dirty Intro to User­Centered Design in Open Source Development

Celeste Lyn Paul is Senior Interaction Architect at User­Centered Design, Inc. and a member of the KDE Human­Computer Interaction working group. She is an open source design advocate who works towards making FLOSS more user friendly by working with developers to create better software. Some of her current open source projects include contributing to the KDE4 Human Interface Guidelines, usability testing of various KDE software, and contributing to a contextual help interface for WordPress. Other FLOSS projects she is involved in include the KDE e.V., Kubuntu, OpenPrinting, OpenUsability e.V., and WordPress. More information about her and her work can be found at http://obso1337.org


Celeste will provide an overview of common UCD methods and when they are the most practical in the development cycle, review different kinds of UCD deliverables and how their information can be used by developers, as well as use examples from exiting projects to help illustrate my points. In the course of the discussion, we will cover:
  • A review of usability design and its methods
  • Different kinds of usability documents and how they can be used by developers
  • Different kinds of developer documents and how they can incorporate usability goals
  • Strategies to help developers and usability designers work together
  • Strategies to address issues which often come up in OSS/usability development