K.S. Bhaskar - Fidelity National Information Services
Senior Vice President
Speaking Topic: FIS PIP - A GPL'd High End Transaction Processing Database Application Platform

By training and inclination, Bhaskar is an engineer and computer scientist, with degrees in Engineering and Computer Science. He manages GT.M (fis-gtm.com), a high performance transaction processing database engine with unique functionality for implementing logical multi-site applications that need fully ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transaction processing and an unparalleled degree of continuity of business. GT.M on x86 GNU/Linux is free / open source software (sourceforge.net/projects/sanchez-gtm) and is consistently in the top few percent of projects by activity at Source Forge. Bhaskar believes that open source is good for business, and has been pursuing a GPL based business model for GT.M since it was released under the GPL in 2001. For the release of GT.M under GPL, Linux Medical News awarded Bhaskar its 2002 Achievement Award. Bhaskar is also active in the world of free / open source health care, and is a co-founder and Board member of WorldVistA (worldvista.org), a non-profitable charitable foundation with a mission to promote affordable healthcare IT through the widespread adoption of the VistA healthcare information system developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and which is in the public domain through the Freedom of Information Act. For its work WorldVistA was awarded a 2007 Rave Award by Wired Magazine, and the Linux Medical News 2007 Freedom Award.


FIS PIP is a mature and proven transaction processing database application development platform that is now being released as free / open source software (GPL v3). PIP on GT.M on Linux on x86 hardware is a complete FOSS stack with superb transaction processing throughput and unique functionality for extreme levels of business continuity.

A core processing system is the legal system of record for a bank, and its single most mission critical application. Built on FIS PIP, FIS Profile runs the largest real time core processing system that is live at any bank anywhere in the world, and has recently been successfully benchmarked on an x86_64 Linux platform on a database 50% larger than that largest live system.

PIP is the infrastructure on which Profile's financial applications are built. Till now, most the infrastructure has been joined at the hip with Profile's financial applications and has not been separately available. It is now separated from the financial applications, and available as FOSS. PIP includes a SQL engine, PSL (Profile Scripting Language, a lightweight object oriented scripting language), a JDBC driver, and an IDE built on Eclipse. Applications built with PIP can use either FIS GT.M, or Oracle as the database engine, and in the future will be able to use other engines as well. FIS GT.M is the database engine on which Profile is most widely deployed around the world as the legal system of record for many tens of millions of accounts.

At SCALE, K.S. will present the PIP architecture, and formally release PIP under GPL.