Austin Godber -
Speaking Topic: LOPSA: Introduction to Virtualization on Linux with Xen

Austin has been involved in Phoenix Area User Groups including PLUG and ASULUG for over a decade and has used Linux as his OS of choice since the release of Windows 95. He graduated from Arizona State with a BS in Physics in 2000. He is a Linux Geek by day ... and, not surprisingly, a Linux Geek by night. He has worked for a DARPA sponsored computer security project, helped start a Municipal WiFi company, assisted NASA's Mars Spaceflight Facility in surviving the Slashdot effect and is now wrangling Virtual Penguins for JumpBox.


This short course will provide an introduction to virtualization as well as discussion of the following topics:
  • Overview of the state of virtualization on Linux
  • DIY virtualization options for Linux, concentrating on the Open Source Xen Hypervisor
  • Innovations based on virtualization to keep your mind wandering through the rest of SCALE.
This course is intended for those new to virtualization while some of the innovation material may be interesting to the not-so-new.