OpenNMS is the world's first enterprise-grade network management platform developed under the open source model. Registered on Sourceforge in 2000, the OpenNMS Project boasts over 20 developers in five countries.

Designed to compete with products like HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli, the latest OpenNMS software and features will be demonstrated during the SCALE show. OpenNMS is 100% Free/Libre software. While there is a commercial services entity associated with OpenNMS, there is no "special" edition of the software with a non-free license.

Currently the main features of OpenNMS are:

  • Service Polling - determining service availability and reporting on same.
  • Data Collection - collecting, storing and reporting on network information as well as generating thresholds.
  • Event and Notification Management - receiving events, both internal and external, and using those events to feed a robust notification system, including escalation.

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