LinuxChix is an international community for women who like Linux and for supporting women in computing. The membership ranges from novices to experienced users, and includes professional and amateur programmers, system administrators and technical writers.

Primary communiction between members is via email lists and include lists for New Chix, those new to Linux, developers on the Tech Talk, Programming, and Kernel Chix lists, gender issue focused lists on the Grrls Only and Grrltalk lists, and a welcoming learning environment on the Courses list. The complete list of the LinuxChix mailing lists can be found on the LinuxChix site here. With the exception of Grrls Only the lists are not gender exclusive.

The Los Angeles Chix mailing list is primarily used to coordinate local meetings and area specific announcements. You can subscribe to the Los Angeles Chix list here.

There are a number of development communities for women, specific to a number of Linux-related, Free Software and/or Open Source projects. Some of these include the Apache, Debian, and Gnome Foundations. If a women's group doesn't exist for a project you're interested in, feel free to join their main development group for project-specific things, and Linuxchix for encouragement and mentoring for the problems specific to being a woman in the Free Software/Open Source community.

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