Fluxbox is derived from version 0.61.1 of Blackbox, and retains theme compatibility with it, while adding numerous extra features. One of the most popular is window tabs, which allow a number of windows to be grouped together into one, with named tabs to select which window of the group is visible. This feature can be used to reduce screen clutter, and is similar to the tabbing capabilities of the PWM window manager, and also the Galeon web browser.

Another powerful feature is the keygrabber tool for configuring keyboard shortcuts. It is similar to the bbkeys tool in Blackbox, but has been extended in various ways, including support for sequences of keys, as used by the Emacs editor.

Other features include an iconbar for minimized windows, configurable titlebars, partial GNOME support, and support for KDE dockets and WindowMaker dockapps, which are small applications contained in the "slit" component of Fluxbox (which is inherited from Blackbox).

Visit website for more information: http://www.fluxbox.org