January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


We're a Milwaukee based Internet consultancy whose clients drive us to craft one-off solutions and innovative products to meet their needs. We've decided to bring these products and solutions here to explore the broader need and interest in them, and find potential new partners.  Is that you?

Our products range from Presager, our multi-platform network management partner, to Oasis, a powerful yet affordable Link Management system.  Our solutions, most based on our powerful and flexible Onlight Appliance Platform, range from multi-point site-to-site VPNs to nationwide custom WAN deployments.  Our methodology – taking a proactive approach to network consulting, design and implementation – allows us to return control to network managers. We help them understand every aspect of their network.

Onlight is constantly enhancing the Internet experience of our customers by improving real-world performance. Our engineers have perfected a line of devices that intelligently manage two or more Internet connections to keep businesses connected. We call these devices OASIS.  OASIS ensures 24/7 Internet continuity, providing load balancing and bandwidth aggregation for highly reliable enterprise multi-homing without BGP.

Presager (formerly Intersweep) brings together some of the most powerful Free and Open Source Software tools for network monitoring, reporting, management and discovery in one integrated hardware appliance with a database-backed configuration GUI.  Our Presager Mobile allows for monitoring and notification from commodity OSes, like Linux and Windows, to mobile devices (currently Android) using our cloud-based servers.


We started working with the Internet – over a quarter century ago – before most people knew it existed.  We brought the Internet to Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin businesses, municipalities and home users back in 1994.  It's made our lives better, and we've made a life of using Internet technologies to make our client's lives better.  How about you; Wanna help?

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