A Stitch in Time: My Linux-powered Knitting Clock


A stitch in time in my case, documents 2023. I was inspired by an artist's project on Hackaday that featured a clock that knitted a stitch every half hour, a row per day. A scarf extended from the bottom and dropped to the floor at the end of the year.

I wanted one of my own but there were no instructions, so I spent the next few weeks designing and building one. Along the way I took a crash course in stepper motors and 3D design. The result is Tempus Nectit (https://kylerank.in/tempus_nectit): a clock that documented 2023 and itself was featured on Hackaday. Each major event throughout this eventful year was documented by a colored stripe.

Come along as I explain how I made a Linux-powered clock that knits a scarf throughout the year. I will walk through the design, the setbacks, lessons learned, and how you can build a knitting clock of your own.

Room 105
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 12:30 to 13:30