Nathan Chan

Sales Engineer

Nathan has had three software/IT related careers: flight simulation, software test and security. He has worked in big corporations and small companies and in verticals such as defense and consulting. It took him some time to get familiar with the cyber / information security field and wants to help others get in and get spun up more quickly. He holds the CISSP and CEH certifications.

Before he got into security he worked for Link Simulation (now part of L3), Lockheed-Martin and Boeing as a software engineer in the defense and aerospace sector. He has implemented all phases of the software development lifecycle on projects as varied as flight simulators, aircraft avionics, a foundry spectrometer and a distributed mobile network. He also spent a few years in commercial IT industry, working for Microsoft as a test engineer.

He holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and received a Certificate in Information Assurance from Cal Poly Pomona.