Workshop: Real-time Operationalized ML, Streaming, and Dashboards


Are you struggling to tame the world of real-time data? Or curious where to begin? Join us for this hands-on workshop where each attendee will get to build and deploy a real-time data pipeline from soup to nuts. Using simulated NYC Taxi data, you'll get to build data ingest, leverage machine learning models to enrich data, and view the results in an interactive dashboard, all with cloud-native technology.

In this workshop we'll:
- Spin up a cloud based MemSQL database cluster in AWS
- Leverage a Kafka cluster and consume live streaming IoT events
- Add a SageMaker ML model to enrich event data as it gets ingested
- Ingest supporting transactional data from S3
- Use a SiSense Dashboard to view real-time analytics

Cloud-native hybrid transactional / analytical workloads work well to speed business results and decision-making metrics in this real-time world. Join us as we jump in full-speed to the world of real-time data analytics using the power of MemSQL and SageMaker. You too can learn from the business data in real time.


This workshop is sponsored by MemSQL

Room 212
Friday, March 6, 2020 - 14:00 to 17:30