Audience: Advanced
Topic: MySQL

Facebook's MySQL deployment is somewhat unique with it's logtailers that use semi-synchronous replication to strike a balance between commit latency and data consistency.

This talk will explain why we use it, how it is implemented and numerous edge cases that come with running it at scale.


Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Developer

ROI Tracker teaches two skills, how to create your first serverless app and how to track your achievements for the dreaded annual review. I will discuss how best to communicate your successes, the technical advantages of Python based serverless apps and how to get started with your own.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: LibreGraphics

Become an insider and see how Krita operates internally. Help your project improve by learning from our successes and failures. We will go over the following areas and explain what problems we are solving with each setion.

- Website and download hosting
- Realtime communication ( Weekly meetings )
- Mailing lists
- UI Design and Usability Testing
- QA Testing and Release Schedule
- Bug reporting
- Handling new feature requests
- Managing volunteers
- Documentation
- Marketing, fundraisers, GSoC
- Finances

Audience: Everyone
Topic: Security

We discuss how malware tools use Domain Name Services (DNS) for bidirectional communications through a secured Internet perimeter, and what makes these traffic patterns different from legitimate network traffic. We will then show how the open source project, RITA, can be used to detect these malicious communications, even when the attackers have gone to great lengths to hide their tracks.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

FLOSS “sustainability” has garnered much attention. Explosive growth yielded new interest in FLOSS, but concerns about critical bugs jarred newcomers.
Unlike in earlier eras, we observe a complex cultural, financial, & leadership melding of for-profit mentality with traditional, radical values of software liberation. Delineating the ideologies and identifying corporate manipulation became difficult.
In the midst of success, Open Source now exhibits major flaws. Fortunately, historical strategies that sustained our communities are poised for resurgence. This talk explores these issues.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: LibreGraphics

The Journey to Thelio ( is an interactive saga created for System76. This multimedia adventure—a parable about open source—was created by the agency Freehive using free and open-source software. Learn first-hand how "the sausage was made". See how FOSS, in the hands of talented artists, animators, designers, and developers, comes to life in surprising ways. Listen as Freehive's creative director dispels the myth that proprietary software is required to do professional creative work.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: Observability

I've spent my time at Facebook running infrastructure services used by teams across the company who are my customers. This includes configuration management (Chef), logging infrastructure (Scribe) and distributed coordination (zookeeper). I'll use examples from these services to illustrate problems managing relationships with customers who are my coworkers. How do we work together and not end up hating each other? The tooling choices we make are important but the policy decisions the tools reflect are even more important.

Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Embedded

This is a continuation of a presentation I gave at Scale 14x on building your own Internet of Things devices. For the current iteration, I'm focusing on a crowd-funded ESP32 board that integrates PoE (Power over Ethernet) for monitoring a variety of environmental conditions in network closets and data centers. I will go over design considerations, selection criteria, testing, implementation and revision in true, exciting engineering style!

Audience: Developer
Topic: Cloud

Use Git Workflows with DevOps to increase productivity, simplify maintenance, and ensure repeatability. Practice total transparency in operations, increase quality with code reviews, and continuously deliver changes to avoid configuration drift. Reduce the barrier to entry for others in your company by enabling anyone to contribute by opening Pull Requests.  This scalable strategy is used by many recognizable brands to manage infrastructure and is now a project sponsored by HashiCorp.



Audience: Advanced
Topic: SysAdmin

Nodes die, and the machines get re-kicked; but sometimes the toil becomes too much. We’ll take you on the journey of one such issue in the xfs filesystem. We'll cover things like post-mortem data gathering, finding and building the sources, kernel code layout, kernel oops analysis, using git to identify fixes, community processes, advanced debugging options, and more.  By the end, you'll have the tools necessary to reject the toil and start solving.