Why you need a private container image registry, and how to deploy one using open source.


When you deploy containers in a production setting, a lot can go wrong if you unleash unconstrained container images directly from the Internet. This session will explain how a private registry can allow governance, along with security, performance and reliability advantages. We will explain Harbor, an open source container registry (a CNCF hosted sandbox-level project)  – starting with simple use cases and going into advanced topics such as policy driven replication with role based access control integrated in CI/CD workflows.

Coverage will include:

  1. Using Multiple registries with promotion from dev to test to production.
  2. Security aspects of container images including using vulnerability scanning and provenance verification.
  3. Replication for achieving availability, and operational advantages when supporting multiple clouds or sites.
  4. Using Harbor as a Helm chart repository.
  5. Installation and use of Harbor.
  6. How to learn more and join the open source community supporting Harbor.
Ballroom B
Friday, March 8, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00