Two binaries are better than one?


Learn to build python and golang static binaries and learn how the Core Infrastructure team at NetApp combined these two to solve a challenging problem. We manage over a 1000 physical machines and tens of VLANs. Our engineers routinely requested these machines be moved to different VLANs for testing purposes. Moving these machines took significant time for our team and contributed to delays and ineffecient use of these resources. Our team tackled this challenge by using the different programming levels and language skill sets of all our team members to write an app to update network switches, dhcp records, test application records and local network interfaces to reduce the time this process took from days to minutes. In this talk we'll walk through how we used pyinstaller, make and docker to build a static python binary. We'll also walk through how we used golang, make and docker to build a golang binary. And finally, we'll go over how we embedded the python binary into the golang binary and coded the interaction between the two. We'll build example python and golang apps and demo the final product.



Ballroom H
Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 16:30 to 17:30