IoT-ALE: Discovering Tiny Snakes


Being an embedded developer requires a solid grounding in C.  However this results in a lot of time-consuming effort setting up build environments, compiling, figuring out how to upload things and a whole myriad of problems that tend to take far more time than you'd expect to get from opening the packaging on your new MCU to getting an LED blinking.  There are some more recent alternatives for some of the larger MCUs available.  Things like eLua, MicroPython, and CircuitPython can now be loaded and allow you to control an MCU directly, without the need to re-compile to try something new.  This will take users through replacing the firmware on an MCU, and get through poking at several sensors, and output systems, with the intention of contrasting the experience to how more traditional embedded is done.

This class requires special registraiton for IoT Training and the purchase of required hardware.

Room 104
Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:30