Developer Avocados: The Good Kind Of Fat


We all know that avocados are full of fat, but if used at the right times, in the right ways, with the right combinations of items, they can be amazingly beneficial. As a native-born Californian, avocados are in my blood. I can rattle off at least 4 different dishes that will make you love avocados, whether you’re an aficionado or not, so it’s no surprise that avocados have made their way into my professional life throughout the years.

Just like avocados, Developer Relations teams are often misunderstood. They’re seen as a “fatty” part of the organization – one of the most expensive, full of vague motivations and hard-to-define goals. In this lightning talk, I’ll explain why that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and how to use avocados to show your coworkers (as well as non-tech professionals) what it is that you do and why you’re an incredibly valuable (dare I even say indispensable) part of the organization.

Room 103
Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 16:30 to 17:30