Tennille Christensen

Tech Law Garden

Tennille Christensen is an attorney who specializes in advising start-ups on intellectual property issues and negotiating and drafting technology-related transactions. After receiving a B.S. in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley, she spent her first career as a jane-of-all-technical trades as an engineer, code-monkey, technical writer, and analyst for an academic lab and multiple start-up companies in the fields of enterprise middleware, Video-on-Demand, databases, social networking, pharmaceuticals, orthopedic biomechanics and biotechnology. She first entered the practice of law as a patent agent. However, she was constantly reading about and fascinated by non-patent-prosecution legal issues as well. One of the biggest areas that interested her, software copyrights and legal issues associated with the open source software community, is the reason she became an attorney. See full bio and Tennille's articles here.