From source to snaps


We will be exploring the latest and greatest developments in the snappy world, covering snapd, snapcraft and a bit of Ubuntu Core. Such features range from the introduction of classic confinement, store channels and usage of assertions to have certain guarantees established on the running system. Snapcraft has grown many features to help developers get started and work their way into the ecosystem and we will explore most of its primitives to build and deliver software, explaning the different confinement types that exist today:

  • devmode
  • strict
  • classic

Some of this exploration will go down into snapcraft plugins, tips and tricks and how to use some of them like:

  • the python plugin used to build general python projects (including openstack)
  • the catkin plugin, to build for ROS
  • and the go/godeps plugins, widely used in most new software projects.
  • cmake/autotools base for most of the existing world.


Ballroom DE
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 11:30 to 12:30