Innovating on the OSPO


After 18 years of Open Source Programs Offices in some of the biggest tech companies, this might seem like a dead-end topic.  There are only so many things your OSPO needs to do, right? WRONG!!!  

A well-run OSPO will challenge your status quo and push compelling Change Agency.  Learn how creativity and innovation in your OSPO practice can create change both in and outside of your company, with examples and stories from the first OSPO owner at Sun Microsystems, and the current OSPO Manager at PayPal.

Of course legal interface and compliance is a huge part of any OSPO practice, but approaching those challenges with a concierge mentality to enable more and better open source contribution from your company can be achieved...and you can increase fun and employee satisfaction at the same time.

If you're running an OSPO, or wishing your company had a better one, come to this session for ideas and support to really influence your company's reputation in the larger open source world, help your company's recruiting efforts and generally make your company a better place to work, while making more open source code available.

Examples of topics discussed:

-Change Agency as a personal calling and how to recruit for your OSPO

-Covering the basics: Screening, Legal, Messaging, Releasing Code and Building Communities

-How (and why) to think about and implement programs that solve several problems at the same time

-What to measure and how to report it to build & maintain executive support

-Examples of extreme OSPO manoeuvres: What they were designed to do and what they accomplished.

Room 107
Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:30