Capture The Flag

SCaLE 15x will be hosting its first Cyber Security Capture The Flag (CTF) competition this year.  The purposes of this new event are to spark interest in cyber security, demonstrate the application of security skills on Linux, and bring attention to the current skills gap in the marketplace.  California has over 45,000 cyber security job openings, and over 11,000 job openings with a preference for the CISSP certification.  SCaLE hopes that this competition will inspire students and open source community members to consider cyber security as a profession.

How this Event Works

This is an individual CTF competition-  since it is only a 3.5-hour event, every participant will be competing solo.  It is a two part event. The first challenge will consist of a one-hour Ubuntu OS system hardening exercise.  The second challenge is a two-hour Facebook Capture The Flag where players will be answering questions and solving encrypted messages.  There is a thirty minute break between the two rounds.

Who Can Play

Because this is a demonstration as well as a formal competition, we have a mixture of invited competitors and open seats.  Ten experienced high school and middle school students, along with four special guests who have competed in other CTF events, will be enjoying the festivities.  There will be at least ten open seats for SCaLE 15x attendees to officially participate.  Industry professionals are welcome.

How to Register

Starting Friday, March 3rd, sign up at the tables on the lower level of the Conference Center building across from room 103.  

What to Bring

Competitors will need laptops capable of running an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine in VMPlayer and connecting to the Internet.  Power and network will be provided.  

System76 has loaned SCaLE four laptops for this event for participants who need them.  You can sign up to use one of these when you register for the event.

Where to Meet

The competition will take place in the Cyber Lobby, the central area downstairs in the Conference Center building.  It is just outside the Security Track in room 103. 


13:00-14:00  Linux System Hardening Challenge

14:00-14:30  Break

14:30-16:30  Capture The Flag

Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 13:00 to 16:30

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