Upstream kernels @ Facebook


Facebook is built using open source software, so Linux is at the core of our infrastructure. We depend on it to provide our services, but for a while we were a passive user. In this talk, we will explain how and why we became an active contributor.
Running old kernels with internal-only patches is painful. These old kernels have bugs that are already fixed upstream. Upstream kernels also have optimizations and new features, but it's really hard to backport all of that. Our solution? Investing in the kernel by going upstream first and running these newer kernels. We identified areas of interest and hired from the community to grow the team. We actively work on filesystems, networking, cgroups and more. We provide frequent kernel iterations to internal service owners to help them move faster. With this focus, we are now in the top organizations contributing to the kernel.

Change can be hard and scary, but with dedication, you can also decide to participate in the community.

Room 211
Saturday, January 23, 2016 - 13:30 to 14:30