Where's Wayland?


With major toolkits being ported to run on Wayland and several desktop environments working on full support, the project is hitting full stride. It has also made significant inroads in embedded applications and automotive IVI following the release of numerous products and robust implementations. Learning the details can sometimes be a challenge, so this overview will help cover the bases and highlight some key developments.

Those working directly on Wayland have been expanding, testing, and discussing how things stand and where they need to move next, answering questions like what it should cover, what it should not, and when to approach these issues. Come to hear some of the conclusions and to learn how you can benefit from using, or contributing to this modern display system. For many developers the use of Wayland might be transparent, but understanding its presence and basic flows can help with software both higher and lower in the desktop and embedded stacks.

Los Angeles A
Sunday, February 22, 2015 - 15:00 to 16:00