Templating your Infrastructure


First you learn to automate your application's installation. Next you automate your system's provisioning and installation. Now lets discuss automating your infrastructure beyond a single system.

When building out a new region/tenant, you are often faced with many dependencies before you can begin spinning up new instances. In this talk I will introduce some of the solutions for different cloud environments covering Cloud Formation, Heat, Terraform, and Chef Provisioning and how to reproduce entire environments. We will cover topics such as defining:

  • Routers, Networks and Ports
  • User account, group and key_pairs
  • Machine images and repositories
  • Instance creation in a serialized manner (e.g. primary then secondary)
  • Provisioning the configuration management system


Participants of this talk should gain a better understanding of some of the challenges with greenfield cloud deployments and how to leverage templating for describing your environment to solve these challenges, while getting a base understanding for some existing tools to assist with that process.


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Los Angeles A
Sunday, February 22, 2015 - 16:30 to 17:30