RDO: Packaging OpenStack for CentOS


OpenStack is "Open source software for creating private and public clouds." As with most Open Source projects, they release source code, and leave it to third parties to provide packages and distributions. Also, since OpenStack is a complicated stack of components, deployment can be tricky, and there's a number of third-party solutions for that, too.

RDO is a community effort to provide OpenStack packages for CentOS (and other RPM-based distros, like Fedora and RHEL), and a deployment tool to make it easier to use. In this talk, Rich Bowen, RDO OpenStack Community Liaison, will talk about that effort, the progress so far, and where you can help out in this effort. Along the way, CentOS board member and developer Jim Perrin will help answer difficult questions about CentOS and some of the details of packaging.

Century AB
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 10:00 to 11:00