DevOps Day 2: People and Process


DevOps is often heralded as the solution to all the problems within IT - planning, slow delivery, large team, etc. All solved via automation. Yet, DevOps is not a technology problem at core, but rather a business problem. Once the dust settles and the new tools are implemented, the more challenging problems begin. Implementation of a DevOps type practice requires change and adaptation of the practices within the framework of the existing culture, and these challenges are often overlooked or poorly addressed.


This talk discusses many of these challenges as observed in small and large companies alike, how to plan and execute successfully. This includes technologies and techniques including:

* The Hows and Why of ChatOps

* Avoiding the `Great is the Enemy of Good` concerns.

* Decoupling complex infrastructures with DevOps tools

* Expanding workflows beyond technology teams

* Things *not* to do.

La Jolla
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 13:00 to 13:30