Automated Web Application Testing


This talk will teach you how to automate interactions with web applications.

The main focus of this talk will be Selenium, a widely used library for controling all of the major browsers. Selenium is available on all major platforms and for most programming languages. Examples will be given with Selenium IDE, Python, Ruby, and Java, demonstrating various aspects and abilities of Selenium. The talk will also touch on Behavior-Driven Development, which enables writing tests in a readable English format.

After an introduction to the basic functionality of Selenium, the talk will cover some best practices for writing large-scale test suite, including several lessons learned suring a recent project.

The talk will end by introducing complementary tools, such as jMeter and FireBug.

Although this talk is primarily aimed at developers, much of the material could be quite useful to system administrators for application monitoring and automating of smoke tests.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 21:45