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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

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IBM IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers the widest range of middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business.

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Google Google operates a web site at that is widely recognized as the "World's Best Search Engine" and is fast, accurate and easy to use. The company also serves corporate clients with cost-effective advertising targeted by keyword and with breakthrough search technology that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need, whether on a client's web site or elsewhere on the Internet.

Uversa Uversa is a technology company founded on the idea that regardless of technical prowess, innovation and ingenuity, customer service is the true differentiator. There are many technically proficient companies and many companies that deliver good service, there are very few that offer both. Uversa is a leading developer of Open Source software with more than a dozen public projects across Healthcare, Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning and more. Extensive support and Uversa's extensive Advantage support and training programs. Offering an uncommon zealousness to customer service Uversa maintains long term relationships with it's customer and delivers leading software across many market segments.

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Xiotech Xiotech makes information storage easy to manage. Since 1996 more than 1,500 midsized enterprises have taken advantage of Xiotech's easy-to-use and highly resilient storage management solutions. The company's products include Magnitude 3D(r) 3000, Magnitude 3D 1000e, and TimeScale(tm) Rapid Restore. Xiotech partners with industry leaders such as Brocade, Cisco, McDATA, Microsoft, and Novell. In 2004 Xiotech achieved record 25% revenue growth. Xiotech is based in Eden Prairie, Minn.

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DigiLink, Southern California's premier Internet Service Provider since 1994, servicing businesses across the United States that value performance, reliability, and a level of service that is simply not avialable from huge telephone and internet companies. DigiLink's network is designed for those customers seeking the very best in performance, featuring extremely low latency, high throughput via multiple pathways to the Internet, and expert management by seasoned engineers. Additionally our customers are supported by a customer care team that is knowledgeable and responsive. DigiLink offers DigiDial-VoIP, T1, T3, DSL, Co-Lo, Web Hosting, hardware, Anti-Spam, WAN Management, VPN, Wiring & Cabling and Network Consulting

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Scalix Scalix is the leading provider of new generation email, calendaring and collaboration software. Based on Linux and open systems, Scalix allows companies to reduce the cost and complexity of their email environment with a richly-featured, reliable and scalable messaging solution that blends seamlessly with both open source and proprietary software, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Active Directory.

Scalix offers customers flexibility and freedom of choice from the desktop to email related infrastructure components at all levels of the IT stack, helping them achieve independence from technology and licensing lock-in.

Ticketmaster Ticketmaster is the world's leading ticketing company, providing ticket sales and distribution through, one of the largest e-commerce sites on the Internet; approximately 3,300 retail Ticket Center outlets; 19 worldwide telephone call centers; and a broad online and offline marketing network. Ticketmaster is headquartered in West Hollywood, California and is an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI).

LFS Technologies LFS Technologies provides products and services to assist organizations and hobbyists in the design and development of flight training systems. Hardware and software components are available, either individually or bundled to meet the customer's specifications. Complete cockpit systems can also be purchased ranging from single seat, light aircraft to complex, multi-engine aircraft. Key personnel with operational flight experience and advanced engineering degrees can meet with you to discuss specific applications or requirements you might have. Software, electronics, and support programs are developed in-house and warranted by LFS Technologies.

Qualstar Corporation Qualstar Corporation of Simi Valley (Nasdaq: QBAK) manufactures over 30 automated tape library models spanning capacities from 1 TB to over 340 TB, for data backup, archiving and disaster protection in rack mount, tabletop and free-standing configurations. These rugged, Simply Reliable libraries support LTO, AIT, SuperAIT and SDLT tape formats. All models feature Q-Link for web browser-based, worldwide remote management.

Bitrock BitRock provides tools and services to make software easier to use and deploy across a wide range of platforms for both corporate IT departments and ISVs. BitRock's customized, ready-to-bundle open source stacks combine powerful software with easy to use management and installation tools. BitRock allows software vendors to deliver a great end-user experience while saving time and support costs.

iQstor iQstor is a leader in the innovative design and delivery of intelligent storage solutions with enterprise-class features. iQstor's storage solutions include FC-FC, FC-SATA, iSCSI-SATA Storage Systems, expansion enclosures and embedded storage services software such as storage virtualization, snapshot, mirroring, remote replication, SAN management, remote support and policy based storage provisioning.

PSSC Labs PSSC Labs is a premier provider of high performance computing solutions including Linux clusters, servers and workstations. The company has delivered over 450 PowerWulf Linux clusters to the world's leading organizations including NASA, DOD, Harvard, MIT, Biogen and many more. Each PowerWulf Linux cluster is custom configured to meet each end user's computing needs and budget. PSSC Labs installs their Complete Beowulf Software Toolkit (CBeST) on every cluster ensuring that system administration and maintenance is as easy as possible. This helps our end user's focus on their work and not managing a cluster. In addition, each PSSC Labs system comes with lifetime email and telephone support. PSSC Labs continues to meet the demands of their end users by providing a superior level of product knowledge, product quality, service and support.

Digium Digium is the creator of Asterisk, the first open source PBX. With Digium's hardware, Asterisk offers a strategic approach to voice over IP, TDM, switched, and Ethernet architectures.

Digium provides hardware and software products developed using innovative engineering techniques. A full range of professional services complement these product lines.

Novell Novell is the leading provider of information solutions that deliver secure identity management, web application development and cross-platform networking services, all supported by strategic consulting, technical support and educational services. And Novell alone can make it possible for customers to run business processes on the web today.

Switchvox Switchvox is a leading provider of PBX and VoIP phone systems for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company's flagship product enables SMBs to easily and affordably create and manage their phone system, using traditional analog lines, as well as VoIP services. Based on Asterisk, Linux and other open source software, Switchvox has created software products that fit business and consumer needs. Switchvox is located in San Diego, California.

Levanta Levanta is a leader in Linux management and data virtualization. Levanta's unique technology marries change control with data virtualization, delivering dramatically faster and more flexible control of Linux on commodity hardware, racks, blades, boxes, virtual machines, and even mainframes. Levanta's customers include industry leaders in financial services, entertainment, government, retail and telecommunications. Levanta has partnerships with IBM, HP, Novell, and Red Hat.

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Shuttle is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor computers and accessories. After producing the first commercially-successful SFF computer, Shuttle continues to mark the segment with its platform defining XPC product line.

Shuttle computers are innovative with its industry-changing design. Equipped with our 2 patented technologies, the Integrated Cooling Technology (ICE) ® that efficiently cools the hottest internal parts and the SilentX ® that is strategically positioned to assist with heat and noise reduction, the Shuttle XPC is one lean, mean powerful machine that comes second to none.

With numerous awards and accolades from independent media and analysts affirming the superior quality, style and value for money, Shuttle offers the best computing experience 1/3 the size of tower PC's. Out with the old, in with the new; this is Shuttle, your PC Made Modern.

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USENIX USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association. Since 1975 the USENIX Association has brought together the community of engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world.

The USENIX conferences have become the essential meeting grounds for the presentation and discussion of the most advanced information on the developments of all aspects of computing systems.

Linux Journal - Our mission is to serve the Linux community and to promote the use of Linux worldwide. As more and more people see Linux as a viable alternative to traditional OSes, Linux is increasingly being used as a primary operating system. Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes, allowing the content to be a highly specialized source of information for open-source enthusiasts. is a free, friendly and active Linux Community with over 150,000 members and over 1,350,000 posts. Founded in 2000 LQ offers forums, reviews, a Linux hardware compatibility list, a collaboratively built Linux knowledge base in wiki format, Linux tutorials, a free Linux download site and more. LQ has forums for everything from Linux Newbies to Linux in the Enterprise and has over 20 officially recognized Linux distribution forums.

ITtoolbox ITtoolbox supports decision making throughout the IT lifecycle by linking together millions of IT experts and information from thousands of leading sources. Powered by collaborative tools such as discussion groups, blogs, and wiki, the ITtoolbox network provides practical solutions from the IT community for use in the IT workplace.

User Friendly Amusing strip following the antics of Columbia Internet and its employees. Frequently touches on Open Source, Linux, hacker culture, and holy wars.

O3 magazine is a free magazine distributed electronically in PDF format. O3 is published on a monthly basis. The focus of O3 is on the use of Free and Open Source (FOSS) software in Enterprise Data Networking environments. Some articles in O3 will introduce open source solutions, while some are designed to demonstrate how to integrate open source solutions with leading Enterprise Data Networking hardware from a wide variety of vendors.

DebCentral Debcentral is an online community, but so much more too. We're an experiment in working together. At DebCentral we focus on *all* Debian derived distros; Debian, Ubuntu, Kanotix,MEPIS, etc.. We also strive to give you the best in original content, articles, tutorials, and opinions. But what it really takes to make DebCentral go is our members. Without members, why even have a website? So jump in and start posting in the forums. Before you know it you too will become a Debian fanatic, even if that means your distro's name isn't Debian.

Free Software Magazine
Free Software Magazine
Free Software Magazine is a magazine entirely dedicated to free software. It contains quality articles relating to both technical and non-technical issues. All published articles are released under a free license after their publication.

OSTG OSTG (Open Source Technology Group), formerly Open Source Development Network (OSDN), has had its roots in the technology community since its early days as the ground-breaking tech network Founded in 1996 with the mission to provide unbiased content, community, and commerce for the Linux and Open Source communities, grew in community relevance and popularity by adding the provocative community-centric sites Slashdot and to its technology group, and ThinkGeek and to its e-commerce division. After its acquisition by VA Software Corp. (NASDAQ: LNUX) in early 2000 and the introduction of and, the network cemented its position as the Internet's leading destination for the Linux and Open Source community.

WebmasterRadio.FM WebmasterRadio.FM is lifting the "veiled curtain" called the Internet to bring the business community together through an interactive, Internet based radio network. WebmasterRadio.FM offers an all-star line up of radio shows hosted by the most respected names in the Internet business world. Here on WebmasterRadio.FM listeners can find programming with a vast appeal to anyone looking to be a part of a community destination and learn industry specific information from the most successful marketers and technology experts in the world. The LOUNGE (formally the chat room) is open 24/7 allowing listeners to communicate with each other, from around the globe in real time. offers news and expert advice on Linux and open source software strategies. Membership is free and you'll find white papers, webcasts, newsletters, learning guides and much more.

Desktop Linux Summit Attend the Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo and get into Desktop Linux Summit at a discounted price. For more information please email or visit

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Xandros Founded in May 2001, Xandros is the leading developer of a cost-effective, installation-friendly, complete Linux-based operating environment offering Windows compatibility and unparalleled technical support. Xandros is specifically designed to meet the computing needs of both professional and consumer users alike. Based on the former Corel Linux OS, Xandros marks the first true collaboration of ease of use philosophy and ground breaking technology aimed at the creation of the first true "Complete Linux Desktop Solution".

VMware VMware was founded in 1998 to bring mainframe-class virtual machine technology to industry-standard computers. VMware delivered its first product, VMware Workstation, in 1999 and entered the server market in 2001 with VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server. With the launch of VMware VirtualCenter in 2003, and the groundbreaking VMotion technology, the company established itself as the thought leader in the newly emerging virtual infrastructure marketplace.

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Past sponsors have included: IBM, Google, PogoLinux, Sun Microsystems, Sharp, Tolis Group, and more...

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