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The Fourth Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Paul Muller

Paul Muller is the maintainer of University Linux, a minidistribution that installs into DOS Win95/98 PCs without hard drive partitioning. Paul also has 20 years experience in pressure sensors, signal conditioning and PC-based data acquisition systems for industrial and laboratory applications.

Linux for Remote Data Logging and Control

Linux is ideally suited for small or embedded systems used in data acquisition and control. Reliability, scalability and resident networking tools allow a simple Linux system to become the platform of choice for remote data collection of physical variables such as temperature, pressure, force and position. This paper describes how a small Linux distribution combined with simple sensors and interface hardware can create a networkable data logging and control system that is accessible over a LAN or from anywhere in the world.

  • Applications for Remote Systems
  • Sensors and Interface Hardware
    • Sensors
    • Serial Port Interface Devices
    • Microcontroller Interfaces
    • X10 Controller Interface
  • Simple Linux Distribution
    • Small Footprint: 8MB RAM, 16 MB Drivespace
    • PERL Programming Environment
    • Integral Network Tools
  • Client-Server Programming for Data Logging and Control
    • Custom Hardware Interface Servers
    • Browser-Based GUI
    • Data Logging
    • Downloading Collected Data
    • Graphing Collected Data
    • System Administration & Security